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How many keywords can I monitor per listing?

We have a pre built package for up to 5 keywords. If you would like to monitor more than 5 keywords, please contact our support team.

What keywords do you recommend protecting?

We recommend one of the keywords are the primary category of your listing.  The other 4 keywords should be unique.  For example, if your listing was a personal injury attorney listing, we would recommend something like: Personal Injury Attorney, Car Accident Attorney, Nursing Home Attorney, Work Injury Attorney, Dog Bite Attorney.  We would not recommend something like: Personal Injury Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney Near Me, Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas, Personal Injury lawyer New York.  While we would accept this, the keywords are to similar in nature and your not maximizing the value behind our spam fighting service.

Can anyone tell I am using your service?

No, anyone in the world can make suggest edits and submit redressal forms to Google.  Google will never reveal to the public who made the report.  Also, there is no association between the listing being protected and the reports made to Google. 

Is there a limit to the amount of Google Business Profile listings I can monitor?

You can monitor an unlimited amount of Google Business Profile listings with our service. Each Google My Business listing requires its own subscription.  

Do you offer other services outside of cleaning up spam listings in Google Maps?

Right now, we only offer a service to fight false competition in Google Maps. In the future, we might create other services fighting spam and scammers on other platforms.

How long does it take to remove spam and keyword stuffed listings?

Unfortunately, there is no set time for any one listing to be removed. Our service goes through your keywords, identifies the spam and manipulative listings, and presents them to Google. It’s up to Google’s team to agree with us and remove the listings. Some listings are removed in a matter of minuets, some take months of repeated reports, and some are never taken down.

Once the spam and manipulative listings are removed, how fast can we see the effects?

It takes up to 2 weeks before you see your ranks reflect the changes.  You can see results as fast as a few hours after the accepted change but expect to wait about 2 weeks.  

How long should I focus on fighting spam?

Unfortunately, fighting spam is a never ending endeavor that requires constant monitoring for new fake listings. Depending on the market you are in, ignoring spam listings could reverse your progress with us in a few months. 

Can legal action be taken against the fake businesses?

Yes, speak with a lawyer as well as city and state-level agencies.

Can I remove the fake listings myself?

Of course! We also offer a free guide in helping you remove spam on your own. We might be bias in saying this but, for the amount of hours you would spend searching, reporting and tracking the fake listings, its better you out source this type of work.

Why is removing fake and manipulative listings so effective? Why not just out rank them?

Its a matter of time and money. The amount of time and money needed to out rank the listings in question don’t even come close to the time and money spent to just report the listing. If Google accepts the report, that listing no longer ranks against you…for any of the keywords it once did. Now consider how much money and effort you would have to spent to out rank that exact same listing for every given keyword.

Are you breaking Google’s terms of services?

No, when we vet listings on Google Maps, we follow all of Google’s Terms of Service.  Our only goal is to identify and report fake listings and listings that keyword stuff their names for an unfair advantage.

Could your audit team report one of our listings by mistake?

No, any listing under our subscriptions is on a white list. The only listings allowed on our white list are listings currently paying for a subscription.