Remove Unnecessary Competition and Take Back your Ranks

Powerful Effects

Clean up 1 spam listing, move up 1 spot.   Clean up 4 spam listings move up 4 spots.  Its really that simple.

Accurate Rank Reports

We use Geo Grids to audit your keywords to show you before and after effects to your ranks. Geo Grids are the most accurate tool in the industry to see your ranks in Google maps.

100% Transparency

We show you every step we take and every listing found to be junk or spam.

24/7 Keyword Protection

We monitor your keywords and defend your ranks from spam, junk and old GMB listings that should not be competing with your business.

Manage all your GMBs all in one place.

Review Management

Monitor and respond all your reviews in one place.

Scheduled Post

Schedule out posts for up to 1 year.

Insight Reports

Consolidate and automate your google insight reports.

Photo Management

Schedule out all your photos for all your listings.

Safeguard your GMB listings from Hijackers

Invaluable security

Don’t let people steal your most valuable asset in all of local SEO.  For many local businesses, losing their GMB listing is a fast route to closing their doors.

Stats of Requests Made

We track how many requests were made, and how many were rejected.  We make sure hijackers have no chance of claiming your GMB listing.

100% Transparency

As always, our process is an open book.  We show how we protect you, so you have peace of mind that we are the right company for the job.

24/7 GMB Protection

Our service ensures all requests for claiming your GMB listing are rejected one day before the last day. This allows legitimist requests to be process but allows ignored requests to be rejected.

Protect your Reputation from Fake and Damaging Reviews

Eliminate Fake Claims

Positive or negative, fake reviews are damaging to a companies reputation.  Without a clean reputation, a company stands to lose many prospects.

Stats on your reviews

Our reports reflect how many reviews you have total, how many reviews are being reviewed for being against terms of services and how many reviews were successfully removed.

100% Transparency

We are 100% transparent in how we audit your reviews and the process we use to convince Google to remove them.

24/7 Review Protection

We monitor your reviews to ensure your reputation is not manipulated by bad actors.   Cases are submitted to Google to have all fake reviews removed.

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Fighting against the spam and junk listings is powerful and the most effective action to rank in Google Maps. It is also the only action that has a direct reaction with your ranks.  Chat with our live support at the bottom left with any questions you might have. 

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